Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JJ Heller Love

JJ Heller is easily my favorite recording artist.

That's saying a lot coming from the girl who can find enjoyment in almost any type of music (obviously exception would be heavy metal, whether or not it's even music is debatable.)  But, although I have a wide range of tastes, and a big list of favorite songs it's not often that I find an ARTIST that I love.  As in, I pretty much love every song she's ever recorded.  I love her sound.  I love her image.  I love that she's an independent artist.  I love that her music is understated and simple with amazing, killer lyrics.  I love that she has an  adorable baby girl that she features along with her adorable sewing projects on her adorable blog  I love that she and her husband travel together and give beautiful un-pretentious concerts where the audience feels more like they're in the Heller's living room than in a concert hall.  By the way, I know about the concerts, because I went to see them a couple weekends ago at the Outeredge Stage (which is awesome by the way.)

 And I took some friends with me.  'Cause it's always good to spread the JJ Heller love. 

My friends drink a lot of coffee.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble and shopped in the used book section on the way home.

So, it was basically a perfect weekend. 

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Sarah~ said...

Concerts are so fun!!! My sister "steals" my JJ Heller CD that I got from you all the time. :)

Your Barnes and Nobles has a used book section! Awwww man, wish ours did. Never ever heard of that!

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