Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bible Challenge Week 2

Monday: Leviticus 1:1 thru 14:32

Tuesday: Le 14:33 thru 26:26

Wednesday: Le 26:27 thru Numbers 8:14

Thursday: Nu 8:15 thru Nu 21:7

Friday: Nu 21:8 thru Nu 32:19

Saturday: Nu 32:20 thru Deut. 7:26

Sunday: Dt 8:1 thru 23:11

How is everyone doing so far?


Valerie said...

I'm 1 1/2 days behind. :( I was doing really well, but slipping up is so easy! Good thing it's Sunday. The perfect day to take time and catch up!

Rebecca said...

I've found that when I have a little extra time I can read ahead a chapter or two. That helps me to stay with it.

Lady Dvora said...

Just so you know I'm doing it with this group 'cause I got so far behind :( So I'll Read Leviticus today!

o0Sparrow0o said...

I'm a day behind but I'm working on catching up right now. It looks like I'll have quite a bit of free time this week. I'm hoping to read a little extra.

Abutton said...

I'm way behind...but I'm working on catching up!

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