Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Advice on the H1N1 Flu Virus


That's pretty much it. 

If you do get it...  I feel your misery. 

I'm determined to be thankful though!  For.... something!

Charles Dickens.  Namely Bleak House.  Helped Steph (my fellow sickie) and I pass 6 hours this morning while we were too miserable and ache-y to move.

Moms.  They bring you soup and treatments and masks.  (We have to wear the said masks everytime we're in anyone's company.  Trying to keep the virus from spreading to the rest of the family, you know...) 
AND, they go to the grocery store to get you water and ibuprofen and come home with three grocery bags full of food.  :)  Thanks MOM!

Little Siblings.  Who amuse you by jumping in piles of leaves in your front yard.  We watched out the big picture window.  Definitely the most exciting thing to happen all day. 

Ibuprofen.  Thanks to ibuprofen I can actually type, as it has reduced the ache in my joints.  Earlier this morning just flicking a finger hurt.  Very much. 

Fruit Juice.  'nough said.

A pile of books to read.  The ibuprofen has also made reading possible.  I can hold a book now!  YAY!!

Looking forward to more blessings tomorrow.  Perhaps a reduction in fever?  We can hope!
If you think of it, please pray for Stephanie and I.  We're not allowed to work until we've been fever free for 24-48 hours...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Clothes

We went to a wedding last weekend.
Susie and Joe and I were all matchy-matchy.

Which may or may not have been planned...

I DID buy all of our clothes....

We are so, like totally related.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello Mr. Wrong

My weekly post is up at the The IDD Blog today.  I'm posting it here, too. 

 Before we begin I want to point out something that you will probably realize as you read on.  I am not a believer in the idea that Courtship can save you from a broken heart.  Neither do I believe that "Dating With a Purpose" or for that matter ANY kind of relationship method can prevent broken hearts.  Broken hearts happen.  In fact, God ALLOWS hearts to break.  And if He does than it's all for our own good.  To "bring us to an expected end."  I believe that God has the perfect person out there for each of us.  I believe that God will bring two people together.  I believe that if a couple places their relationship in God's hands He will direct the relationship so that it remains pure and God-honoring.

    There are many, many, many, many, many "Successful Courtship" Stories out there.  Every couple has one.  And they're all sweet and inspiring and encouraging.  What we don't see as often are the "Failed Courtship" stories.  I'm convinced it's not because they're not out there.  There are obvious reasons for not sharing this kind of thing.  It's a personal matter, and I'm certainly not saying that everyone should publish their "Failed Courtship" stories.  But, it's good for us to understand that this kind of thing does and can happen.  (Incidentally, I don't actually believe in "failed" relationships.  If two people enter a relationship toward marriage with the idea that God will direct them and show them how/if they should get married, and it ends up not working, it wasn't meant to work.  In that case, I would have to call it a "successful relationship."  We certainly wouldn't want two people to get married just because they started a courtship/relationship if they discover it's not meant to be.  In these cases God has a much better match for each of them.) 

    The other thing that we never hear of but I believe MUST happen more than we think is the relationship that fails before it even gets off the ground.  Before it progresses to the "Courtship/Dating/Dorting/RELATIONSHIP" stage.  I'll be up front and honest here.  It's happened to me.  Twice.  It's happened to some of my friends. It's important to know we're not immune to this sort of thing just because we've committed ourselves to a higher standard of purity. 


    I'll be honest.  It's hard.  For those of us who believe in "Courtship", "Dating-With-A-Purpose", "Dorting" or whatever you choose to call it there's a seriousness of thought that comes with all potential relationships.  When I was in my teens and early 20s I never thought of any scenario except a perfect one.  I imagined a guy approaching me about starting a relationship.... Of course I said yes!  I was already in love with him!  Or, I imagined getting to know a guy as a friend and gradually falling in love, and when we both realize what is happening it's obvious we're destined to be together forever.  Or, my dad comes to me "Rebecca, 'So-and-so' has asked to start a relationship with you.  What do you think?"  And I take it to prayer and recieve a resounding "YES!" from God, and a "YES!" from my parents and fall madly in love and live happily ever after.  *sigh*  It seemed impossible to me that all the right components could be there without adding up to the right answer.  I never once imagined that a Godly, nice guy would approach me about starting a relationship and the train would come jerking to a halt.  And yet, that's exactly what happened. 

    I'll walk you through the emotional rollercoaster that is a potential relationship. 
            A) Guy approaches you/your father/however you think it should go

            B) Hope ignites.  At this point I think to myself "This could be it! I've been waiting my whole life for this to happen, and now it's happening!  Could this really be it?"  Not to mention the heart-warming "He LIKES me!"  Wow.  I mean, surely he wouldn't be attracted to me if it wasn't God's will.  Right?  Um, wrong.  Guys can struggle with crushes and attractions just like us girls. 

            C) You take it to prayer.  At this point you become aware that you do NOT already have feelings for this guy.  The place in your heart that supposed to be going "ZING!" is rather... empty. 

            D) Then the questions you ask yourself.  Is this guy really the one for me, but I'm immune to falling in love with him?  Am I destined to be married to someone I don't love?  Or, am I supposed to marry him because all the lights are green (except my heart) and eventually I'll "grow to love him"... maybe. 
      I remember a time when my Dad asked me how it was going with a certain guy.  This guy was interested in starting a relationship with me.  I wasn't so sure...  I looked at my dad while trying to sort my thoughts into a coherent sentence that would somehow communicate every question, concern, uncertainty, fear, hope, dread and depression that I felt all swirling around in my heart and Dad interpreted it all into one brief fragment of a sentence. "No spark, huh?"  Wow.  Relief.  "Yeah, no spark."  He just nodded and walked away.  As if to say "Well, that's that.  No spark."  Yeah.  No spark.  What a relief to understand that there is SUPPOSED to be a spark.  If there's not, Red Light. 
            Of course, no spark isn't the only reason you should nip a relationship in the bud.  There are MANY other things to consider.  Do you agree with this guy on all important subjects?  Doctrine, Child-raising, are you compatible?  I could write another whole article on these subjects but these issues have mostly already been addressed by more qualified people than myself. 

            E) The dread.  The doubt.  This could really be it.  The last train for marriage-ville.  I'm not getting any younger.  This guy is attracted to me.  He'd probably take good care of me.  If I don't agree to go with him...  there's a good chance no one else will ever ask me.  I could be doomed to spinster-hood!!!!!  In the infamous words of Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice fame "...You should take it into further consideration that, in spite of your manifold attractions, it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made to you."

            F) The decision.  The "breaking it off."  Is it really breaking it off if it never even starts? 

            G) Then the guilt.  I probably really hurt this guy's feelings.  Now I feel like an ice queen.  Am I incapable of love? 

            H) Back to the single life.  Except now I feel even more single than ever.   

            I) Then the self questioning. "God, why did You allow this to happen?"  For me, this is one of the hardest parts.  As Jessie Brown says in Cranford "It's not the despair that hurts, but the hope."  Even if your hope never materializes into the feelings you hope it will... the disappointed hope can still leave a bruise that may take a long time to heal. 

   A friend said to me the other day "God will allow our desires (even good ones) to be tested."  This is so true!  False start relationships can be discouraging, believe me I know!  But, it's always better to look on the bright side.  Be thankful for the experience!  Be thankful that God is working in you!  Be thankful that you made the right decision!  Know that God doesn't walk us through darkness for no reason.  He tests us because He loves us.  Every test and trial we go through is one more test or trial behind us.  Don't give up!  
If there's three things I want you to understand they would be these:

  •     Just because a guy wants to start a relationship with you doesn't mean he's the one.  I consider marriage a very serious decision to be made.  A possible relationship should be seriously considered.  But, don't fall into the way of thinking that a possible relationship is automatically THE relationship.  If there's a perfect man out there for you, there are no rules saying he has to be the first to ask.
  •    Trust your gut instincts.  God will not ask you to marry someone you don't love or feel right about.  If he really is the one for you God will make it clear to BOTH of you.
  •    Don't allow yourself to doubt.  There's nothing wrong with you.  Everything in our lives should contribute to our growth.  And God will use any situation to draw you closer to Him.  And there IS a perfect someone for you somewhere out there.  Don't get discouraged.

I know many girls will never have to deal with this sort of thing.  But, I also know that some of us will.  Please don't give up hope or feel alone. 

I believe in happy endings.  If it's not happy... it's not the end.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Haul

Shopping at Borders after church on Sunday. :)  First a yummy lunch at Panera during which Debi and Katie and I yacked about books.

I picked up:
The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Ok, I'd like to know who read this book as a child.  If you have, leave me a comment.  I'd forgotten how much I loved it.  I probably haven't read it in 18 years, but as I looked at the cover it all came flooding back to me.  The characters, plot line, funny stories... the whole thing.  Man, I loved that book.  I'm hoping my little brother Luke will love it too.

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

Ordinarily I like to buy my Agatha Christie books in lots from E-bay.  I can get 10+ books usually for about a dollar a book.  I don't worry about getting duplicates of books I already own because usually these books are old and sometimes in very bad condition.  So, I keep the one that's in the best condition.  If I have two that are in good condition I'll give one away.  Or, keep saving them until I have enough to sell my own lot on E-bay.
But, back on the subject.  I picked this one up because I really want to read it.  *shrug*

A guy was playing guitar in the coffee shop while we book browsed.  He sounded amazing, so once I'd found what I was looking for I peeked around the corner to watch him work his magic.  And it was.  Just. Like. Magic.  Fingers flying.... For some reason watching such genius at work made my heart happy.  I decided to walk away before someone noticed the goofy grin on my face and classified me as a lunatic.  I was having August Rush type feelings.  August Rush, by the way.... I.... LOVE.

After Katie was done shopping I dragged her over to "see this guy playing guitar, it's amazing" but she got distracted by another genius musician who happened to be walking through the bookstore and stopped to chat with her.  Oh, the life of a talented musician who knows other talented musicians...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Update

  • I just got an e-mail from Amazon.com telling me two very cool things.  1) That the books I pre-ordered a month ago were shipped yesterday which means I should be getting them early next week.  Three books I've been anxious to read for...  well, ever since I knew they were going to be published.  And 2) That one of the books went down in price after I ordered it and Amazon charged me the decreased price.  Isn't that sweet?
  • Yesterday I read The Tale of Despereaux.  This in itself was a huge step towards conquering my murophobia.  Reader do you know what murophobia is?  I will tell you.  FEAR OF MICE.  Yep.  The phrase "Despereaux scurried across the floor" sends shivers down my spine.  I have not completely conquered the phobia.  But, reading the book was certainly an overcoming experience.  In other semi-related news, I loved the book!
  • Quest.  Say it, Reader.  Say the word 'quest' out loud.  It is an extraordinary word, isn't it?  So small, yet so full of wonder, so full of hope."
  • Started Savvy last night by Ingrid Law.  
  • I'm going to a wedding today.  The wedding isn't until 4:30 and I have the whole day off work!  I have all day to make myself beautiful!  HA!  So, I'll probably still read until the last minute and then throw some makeup on before I rush out the door.  
  • Our Bible Study group started reading Do Hard Things.  I'm looking forward to being inspired by the message even though it's geared towards teens and I'm, um, not a teen.  Actually no one in my group is a teen.  Ok, one teen. The rest of us are in our mid-20s to 30s.  But, we can still be inspired by a book about rebelling against low expectations, right?  
  • I have a green face.  It's a Mint-Juniper Facial Mask.  And I love it.  But, my sisters like to mock scream when they see me wearing it.  I just feel like bursting into song "I think i'll try defying gravity!"
  • Evidently I have nothing more interesting to say.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Stories are light. 
Light is precious in a world 
so dark. 
-The Tale of Despereaux, Kate DiCamillo

Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy Endings

I believe in 
Happy Endings...

 If it's not happy...

It's not the end!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

September Book List

84.  Among the Barons by Margaret Peterson Haddix- (****) Fourth installment in the Shadow Children series.  Pretty good.  Kind of a lot happened in just one short book, but I kept up with it fairly well, which is a sign of a good author.  Lots of double crossings and not knowing who's on what side.  Looking forward to book 5.

85.  Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix- (*****) Fifth Shadow Children book.  You've probably realized by now (as have I) that I like this series.  Among the Brave is one of my favorites I think.

86.  The Children on the Top Floor by Noel Streatfeild- (***) Very cute and loveable in typical Noel Streatfeild style. 

87.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
- (****) Reviewed HERE

88.  Among the Enemy by Margaret Peterson Haddix- (***)  I like these books in case you couldn't tell already.  I'm not going to say EVERYONE should read them, because obviously they're not going to be some people's cup of tea.  But, you might want to at least give the first one a try and see if you like it.  'Cause I really did. 

89.  Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix- (***) Nice ending to the series. :)

90.  The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien- (***) Um... I had a hard time getting through this book.  This time was actually my 2nd attempt.  I don't know what it is...  I was interested in the plot, and it's very well written.  I'm hoping the next 2 books pick up the pace a little though...

91.  The Giver by Lois Lowry- (****) Interesting...  Thought provoking and somewhat disturbing.  I'm interested to read the others in the series.

92.  Roses for Mama by Janette Oke- (***)  Sweet.  :)

93.  Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie -(**)  *YAWN*  Is this plot going anywhere?  I hung out to the end of the book because I kept expecting it to get better, or maybe for the whole thing to make sense. I guess it did all make sense in the end, but the entire plot lacked in anything thrilling.  I hate to rate my favorite author so low, but this book is proof that even the best don't always have such brilliant ideas. 

94.  Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry- (***) First of all the title is just amazing.  Don't you think?  The art work on the cover was blah, though.  As for the story, it took me a while to get into it.  But, I did enjoy it in the end.  Highly Predictable plot. 

95.  Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine - (****)  Very cute and sweet Cinderella re-telling. If you object to fantasy be warned this... is a fairy-tale. 

96.  The Family at Caldecott Place by Noel Streatfeild - (****)  Typical Streatfeild= sweet, adorable, resourceful. 
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