Friday, February 08, 2008

90 day challenge

It's not a weight loss program, it's much better.

I've taken a challenge to read the Bible through in 90 days. I've finished the first week, so far so good.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I'm loving it!!!

If anyone is interested in taking up the challenge, I'd be happy to post the schedule here for you once a week. We can start on Monday, if you like.

It's about 45 minutes of reading time a day. Originally I thought there was no way I could get 45 minutes in, but it's been easier than I thought. I pick up my Bible whenever I get a chance and read as much as I can.

I have to really, really encourage you to try to do this. I think you'll be so pleased you did!!!


Valerie said...

Have you started already? I'd like to see the schedule. I'd like to think I could do this, but I don't know!

Olivia Joy said...

OH!! God led me to your blog today!
Just the other day I was thinking how good it would be to take time and read through the whole bible.....but I had NO idea where to start!
Lately I felt something lacking in my spiritual life, mostly I have just been to busy to really dig into his word. I would LOVE to join in this!
Would you be putting up the schedule and starting next Monday?

o0Sparrow0o said...

I would like to join too. I have not been reading my bible like I should. This would be quite a jump start!

Rebecca said...

ok!! great!! I will post the schedule starting on Monday. It will be the schedule for the whole first week.

VALERIE I can pm the schedule to you... it's really easy. I'm sure you can do it.

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