Monday, August 31, 2009

What I ACTUALLY got done last weekend

  • Painting
  • Half cleaning the bathroom (after we were done painting it)
  • Took Luke and Sarah B. for a celebratory smoothie in honor of finishing their summer reading program
  • Watched a creepy movie (And Then There Were None) :)
  • Church
  • Baptism after Church
  • Picnic after Baptism after Church
  • Went to a wake
  • Read a few more pages in my book
That's it..

And it's a COLD Monday. 

I love fall... I really do... but, isn't this a little early???

And does winter REALLY have to come next??? 


Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I want to do this weekend

Bullet Style: :)
  • Paint three rooms in my house
  • Read 4 books
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the living room
  • Fertilize my plants
  • Find some snowboots to buy so I can give Mom's back to her
  • Get a haircut?
  • Make a whole bunch of pesto and freeze it
  • (Find a food-processor so I can make said pesto)
  • Relax (HAH!)
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Plan meals for upcoming week
  • Organize my budget
Can I do it all?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Like Jesus

"That is why He warned people to “count the cost”
before becoming Christians.
“Make no mistake,” He says, “if you let me, I will make you perfect.
The moment you put yourself in my hands, that is what you are in for.
Nothing less, or other than that." –C.S. Lewis

To be like Jesus
To be like Jesus
All I ask is to be like Him
All through life's journey
From earth to glory
All I ask is to be like Him.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are
not worthy to be compared with the glory
which shall be revealed in us.
-Romans 8:18

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cartoon Song by Chris Rice


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Headaches can ruin one's week.

I've had one for a couple of days.

I don't think I've really talked about this much here, but headaches are a common thing for me. TOO common. It's not unusual for me to have a headache that lasts a week. Or two weeks. Or, in extreme cases, 2 months...

I've been known to cry at the discovery that I'm out of Ibuprofen.

But, there are some things I've learned that I'm determined to be thankful for in spite of the pain.
  • An ice pack to the back of the neck can numb the pain and bring sweet relief. (something to look forward to after work)
  • Reading sometimes makes the headache worse but I read anyway. Because reading takes my mind off it, and it's theraputic.
  • Ibuprofen. My #1 Do NOT leave the house without it.
  • Water. A gallon a day is good. :)
  • I'm thankful that my job isn't too strenuous. I'm thankful that I have a lot of quiet days.
  • I'm thankful for my massage therapist. And I wish I could see her more. But, $50 for an hour? I'm not made of money people!
  • Laughter. It really does make me feel better.
  • I'm thankful that His MERCIES are new EVERY morning. 'Cause most mornings I need a fresh batch of them to help me through the day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The War Between The Sexes, part 2

Way back last December I published an article called The War Between The Sexes 

The following question was left in the comment section of that article (on the The IDD Blog) and I have not addressed it yet. Frankly because I had no idea how to answer. 

Here's the question:

What is a girl to do when she hears other girls putting guys down? Comments in their defense can be misconstrued, but to stand by silently can be equal to condoning the behavior. I've been there more than once. Do you have suggestions or examples to share of things that have worked for you?

It's really not so much of an issue for me, personally, anymore.  I'm 27 and I don't know many guys my age.  When I hear girls making disparaging remarks about boys I can usually safely speak up in the guys' defense just on the foundation of being A) older and B) obviously NOT defending a guy because I have feelings for him.  But, I clearly remember being in my teens and the awkwardness of being involved in these conversations. 

Essentially you have two choices in such a situation.  You can say nothing.  In which case you may know that you don't approve but most likely no one else will.  And if you aren't going to voice your disapproval, it will be assumed that you approve.  OR, you can say SOMETHING.  But, what to say?  How do you speak up in the defense of the defenseless without looking like you have hidden agendas?

Going against the grain is difficult in any situation.  And I'm definitely one of those people that avoids debate at all costs.  But, when we look at the big picture we have to realize how harmful this kind of talk can be.  Girls that put down guys by way of scornful remarks and ridicule them behind their backs are harming themselves more than the guys in the long run.  Let's face it.  We NEED guys.  This world could not continue without guys.  Every girl wants to get married someday, right?  Does she plan to continue these kind of remarks with regards to her husband?  I hope not. 

In matters of speaking up for truth, and taking the side of righteousness I hope you will never hesitate.  Sometimes taking the less popular side can be equal to stepping into the line of fire.  It can open you up to even more ridicule. 

Believe me.  I've been there.  But, someone must stand on the side of righteousness.  Be the one that's a cut above the normal.  I'd like to encourage you to take the road less travelled.  Ask the question "What Would Jesus Do?"  It's worth it in the end. 

There are sometimes ways of addressing these issues without going full tilt into rebuking the offenders.  It really depends on the situation and the people involved of course, but I would encourage you to try to develop some diplomatic and kind ways of addressing disparaging attitudes and remarks without causing offense.  You do NOT want to start a war or make anyone feel bad because they made a remark in a bad moment. 

These tips should go for any situation, not just standing up for the guys.  Sometimes guys say things about girls that should be refuted.  Sometimes children say things about parents, or vice versa.  Strive to be a peacemaker in any situation.

Some tips:


Adopt a "Holier-Than-Thou" attitude.

Beat a dead horse.  If you've made your point and people choose not to listen that's their problem (to put it bluntly).


Speak up if you feel a situation is getting out of control. 

Try to be a peacemaker

Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share? 

Or, questions? 

Leave them in the comments!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


  • I'm going shopping I guess.  Why am I not more excited?  Well... I don't have much money to shop with.  I have a headache.  I feel hermit-ish and want to stay in.  That's why.  :)
  • I have discovered Pandora.  I LOVE it.  You should SO check it out if you haven't already.  Basically, it's internet radio.  You can create a station by typing in an artist you like or a song you like, or whatever.  Then that station will only play similar music.  It's SO cool.  Right now I am being lulled and comforted by gorgeous piano music on my Jon Schmidt station. 
  • You all know who Jon Schmidt is right?  I think most everyone has seen his AMAZING video on YouTube of his arrangement of Love Story/Viva la Vida.  Here's a link if you haven't seen it   I was never a huge "Love Story" fan before I heard this arrangement of it.  :)
  • While we're talking about links...  I'm on Goodreads if anyone else is and wants to add me.  If you're NOT on Goodreads but you're a reader and love to share books and talk about books, you should check it out.  If you want to add me you can e-mail me your info at and I'll add you.
  • I'm loving the Mysterious Benedict Society books right now and everyone should read them.  :)
  • Ok, enough of my random-ness.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in a name?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.  I like to name my belongings.  Ok, not EVERYTHING.  Just the expensive and meaningful ones that are closest to my heart.  My car, computer, etc.  Is this strange?
I have some theories.

Perhaps it's my mother-nature that has long been unfulfilled.  You know?  Like, I don't have any children to name and nurture so I'm releasing all the pent-up mother-feelings on the only things that truly are MINE.
I have an over-active imagination.  *looks around* ok, SHHH... I DO sometimes talk to my named posessions.  But, don't worry.  They don't talk back.  Yet.
I've read too many old books.  You know in old books everybody names everything.  Heroines name their pianos.  Heros name their gallent steeds.  (Granted everyone names their horses, but still... I don't have a horse to gallop bravely on, I have a car to ride bravely in.  Same difference, right?)

Actually, any of the above theories is quite plausible.

So, please tell me someone out there has named their computer.  Maybe your laptop would like to meet my laptop?  Laptop play date?  My laptop is 6 years old, but I only recently adopted her.  Her name is Tuppence.  Stop laughing.  I spent a long time picking out a name for her.  I think it's very fitting.  After all she helps me find things all the time.  We're a regular pair of detectives.  And besides, my sister wouldn't let me name her Nancy Drew.

My car is 6 1/2 years old and deep blue.  His name is Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey.  (Just Wimsey for short)  Because I had a crush on Lord Peter when I named him.  And because the Wimsey family motto is (quite fittingly) "As My Wimsey Takes Me."  Wimsey has taken me many places.  Although, mostly just to work and back.  Wimsey and I have been through LOTS together and I love him.  Wimsey takes much better care of me than I take of him.  Which reminds me, he needs an oil change...

When I was the "Machine Cleaner in Residence" at DQ I spent many a long and tedious morning taking apart, washing, rinsing sanitizing, drying, lubricating, re-assembling and washing the ice cream machines.  We spent so much time together that I became sort-of attached to them.  I was like their mother, you know?  If anything went wrong guess who was the first one on the spot and knew just how to fix them?  Moi.  So, naturally, I named them too.  We had two at the time.  The big double-header I named Tante.  She reminded me of the stereotypical big auntie with lots of sweets to dispense.  Or, in this case, soft serve ice cream.  She was also the most finicky and tempermental.  Not that Aunties are finicky and tempermental.  She just was.  The other single header machine I named Pip.  I don't actually remember why.  It might have been short for Pipsqueak.  Or, I might have recently finished reading Great Expectations.  Come to think of it, I'm sure that was it.

That's one of my weaknesses.  The minute I finish a book I love I want to name something after one of the characters.  I had a cat named Cosette (Les Miserables) once.  And of course a dog named Bella (Our Mutual Friend).  Wimsey was named during my Wimsey stage.  (Ok, not actually OUT of that stage yet.).  And of course, Tuppence... well, I'm always in an Agatha Christie stage.  After I read The Count of Monte Cristo I named my piano Valentine.  Which name only stuck for a month or so.

Anyway, when I left DQ I handed the job of "Chief Machine Mechanic" over to my brother.  Within 2 months he had RE-NAMED MY MACHINES!  Can you believe it!?!  of all the nerve!  And even worse...  prepare yourself.  He put absolutely no thought or imagination into naming them at all.  I'm pretty sure he just said the first two names that popped into his head.  Pete.  and Leroy.  Uh huh.  I joke not. 

I have other belongings that are close to my heart and yet to be named.  It's a serious matter.  A lot of thought has to be put into it.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to name my children. 

My coffeemaker for instance is red and adorable, so I'm thinking of calling her Florence.  Don't try to follow the logic.  There isn't any. 

And my phone!  What should I name my phone!  It's almost never more than one layer of denim away from me.  It's my lifeline, my texting machine, my clock, my connection to my family and my organizer.  I keep my "to-do" lists in it, my grocery list, my half started articles, my random thoughts that need to be captured before they're gone for ever into nothingness.  I couldn't live without my phone!  She needs a name!  Help!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Vacation in Review: just the highlights

  • Arriving at our hotel in Massachusetts! After 18 hours in the car and one night in a nasty hotel (the kind of hotel that requires mom to tell us to "pile your suitcases in front of the door" !!!) we were SO glad to finally unload our two cars and crash in a nice, clean environment.

  • Tour of BOSTON!!! Oh my goodness!!! My history loving family had the time of our lives driving around Boston in a tour bus. We saw just about everything you could want to see in Boston. Key points of interest being: The Old North Church, and the DUCKLINGS!!!!
Not the actual ducklings of course. These statues of them. We asked the driver if we would be able to see the ducklings and he said "No. We drive by the park but there are too many trees in the way." :( Very sad. We just said "Ok, thanks." Next thing we knew the driver is turning down a "No buses" street and we're going right past the Boston Public Gardens and we see them! We all started shouting and pointing and laughing and whipped out the camera but didn't manage to get a decent picture. If you're clueless about why the ducklings are SO exciting, and wanna hear the story let me know. Otherwise, just know that this was definitely a highlight for our family!
  • SO many exciting things in BOSTON! I'm going to upload some pictures and share more then.

  • Teddy Bear Factory and tour (SO cute!)
  • CHOCOLATE factory tour!
  • THE IDD REUNION!!!!! Or, actually, I guess we should call it the IDD UNION since most of us had never met before. 13 girls, talking, laughing, shopping, movies, chocolate, picnics, being goofy, sharing, cooking, eating, toe-nail painting... and SO much more. I can't even remember everything and if I think about how much I'm going to miss all those wonderful girls I'll probably start crying again. Don't know what IDD is? you can Join in the fun!
  • Going to Canada. I had never been to Canada. Now I can add it to the list of countries I've been to. The list is growing slowly, and it's kind of fun to see! Sadly, though I did not get a stamp in my passport. What's up with that?
  • Niagara Falls! Again, I'll upload pictures. It was SO cool. We saw it twice, at night and in the morning. At night it's lit up with cool colored lights and in the morning it's gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Oh, by the way I had no idea that Niagara Falls was so commercialized. WAY over commercialized. Like, gag me. Vanity Fair anyone?
  • The drive home. 3 torrential downpours, 14 hours in the car, almost getting STRANDED in no-man's land. We were waiting in line to go through customs and literally OUT of gas. Running on fumes I'm pretty sure. The truck has this nifty little feature that tells you how many more miles you can drive on the amount of gas you have in your tank. So, we turned it on to see how bad it was. And watched it slowly tick down the miles as we sat in line and waited to go through customs. And waited. And waited. Shifted into neutral. Waited. Waited. 6 cars in front of us. Taking an average of 3-5 minutes each to go through. 2 miles of driving gas left. And we lose a mile every 5 minutes. You do the math. Thank God for a shift changed in border patrol guards. Guard number two started whipping cars through at a rate of 45 seconds per car. Can you imagine how awkward it would be to run out of gas in the customs line? Not fun, I'm sure. We limped to a gas station and filled up. :)
  • Finally arriving home at midnight last night. Stumbling to bed and then reading for an hour because I was too keyed up to sleep.
  • Waking up this morning in my own bed :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What We Know

 And we know that all things 
work together for good to them that 
love God
to them who are the called according to his purpose. 
 -Romans 8:28
Right now may not be one of the "GOOD" times in your life.  But, I guarantee it's a time that's "working together" TOWARDS the good. 
I know that feeling of being lost, or swirling in current out of our control and wondering "how can THIS be God?"  
Imagine you're in a raft, floating on a river.  You can't see around the corner, you don't know what's ahead, but high above you is a helicopter.  The person in the helicopter can see the entire river.  They can see where you started,  they see where you'll end.  They see every rough spot along the way and they help you along by encouraging you through a walkie-talkie.  Are you going to turn your walkie talkie off?  
  For as the heavens are 
higher than the earth, so are my ways 
higher than your ways, 
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
-Isaiah 55:9

Saturday, August 01, 2009

July Book List

Another month short on reading.  Very sad.  But, on the bright side every book I read (all FOUR of them) were wonderful.  All highly recommended so check them out!

I'm in high hopes of having a much longer book list in August.  :)

73.  The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie- (*****)  Love Miss Marple.  Love her.  :) Short stories.  All told in retrospect, drawing room style.  Totally cute. 

74.  Ten Books That Screwed Up The World and Five Others That Didn't Help by Benjamin Wiker, PH.D.- (*****)  EXCELLENT.  Highly recommended.  Concise, clearly written and explained.  Highly, highly recommended.  PG-13 rating, for sure, though, so I recommend parents reading first.  Otherwise, absolutely a must read.  It's a detailed review/exposing of the fallacies that have been inflicted upon the world since Machievelli first wrote his book "The Prince" in 1513.  Definitely an eye-opener. 

75.  The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart -(*****) Very, very good.  Highly recommended!  Excellently written, powerful plot, loveable characters and some thrill.  Perfect.  Reminded me of Lemony Snicket in a couple of places and THAT'S always good.  :)  Also squeaky clean and suitable for any age!  There's a sequel!  Oh, yippee!

76. Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers-( *****)  Love it.  Love it, love it, love it.  *huge grins*  And I can't really tell you why because it's all spoilers but if you're a Lord Peter fan you have to read it.  You know how when you fall in love with a character you are so happy when THEY fall in love because you can be in love with them vicariously?  Make sense?  No?  Ok, whatever.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure Dorothy Sayers fell in love with her own creation and created a little romance for him to satisfy herself.  Anyway.  The mysterious was fabulous too.  Actually, I really appreciated the mystery.  For one thing it was *gasp* NOT a murder.  I kept expecting someone to die tragically but no one ever did.  And, actually I had figured the whole thing out before Lord Peter announced it, but oddly enough that didn't bother me.  Ordinarily I like a mystery to have a surprise ending.  I like to be impressed with the detective's abilities.  I like it when all the clues are there but the author gives them to you so cleverly that you don't know they're clues.  So, in theory my kind of mystery means a book which gives me a mystery and all the clues and I COULD solve it if I really paid attention and dissected enough, but also disguises the clues well enough that when it's all explained in the end I can say "AH... now it makes sense, I should've seen it all along."  But, after reading SO many mysteries in my long and brilliant career as a reader-sleuth there aren't a whole lot of books that can do that for me.  I've gotten too experienced at how to read a mystery I guess.  So, that's one of the reasons I love authors like Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers.  They're both such ingenious authors that I don't always figure it out before the end of the book.  Ok, I'm totally off subject now...  Anyway, like I said I had figured out the mystery but for some reason it didn't bother me.  I was too caught up in the beauty of it.  

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